Friday 6 October 2017

白糖糕 How to make White Sugar Sponge Cake


It is not easy to buy this type of traditional dessert. The best is to make the it by your own. This is a simple recipe and you can make a white sugar sponge cake with beautiful honeycomb layers


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100g 細砂糖
330ml (300ml + 30ml)
3g 快速酵母


150g Rice Flour
100g Caster Sugar
330ml water (300ml + 30ml)
3g Instant Yeast
1Tsp oil 


1.  粉過篩後加入糖和 300ml 水攪拌均勻

2.  用細火隔水煮粉漿, 需要不段攪拌

3.  粉漿開始變濃稠便立刻取出

4.  繼續攪拌至無粉粒

5.  放冷卻至38°C以下
6.  可以用冰袋加快冷郤速度

7.  酵母加入30ml (30°C) 茶匙糖拌匀
8.  等大約5 分鐘至酵母有氣泡
    * 這個步驟可確定酵母沒有變壞

9.   把酵母水倒入粉漿中拌匀

10.  蓋上保鮮膜
11.  第一次發酵一小時

12.  加一茶匙油入粉漿中拌匀
13.  蓋上保鮮膜 
14.  第二次發酵一小時

15.  發酵好的粉漿會起氣泡

16.  預備蒸鍋, 把水煮滾
17.  在蒸碟上塗一點油再倒入粉漿

18.  用大中火蒸20 - 25分鐘

19.  完成了!!

20.  待放凉後才切
21.  很漂亮的蜂窩層!


1.  Sift flour and mix well with sugar and 300ml water
2.  Double boil the rice batter with low heat and keep stirring
3.  Immediate remove from heat when the rice batter starts turning thicken
4.  Continue to whisk till no lump remains
5.  Set aside to cool down till below 38°C
6.  Ice packs can be used to speed up the cooling process
7.  Mix the yeast and 1 tsp sugar with 30ml water (30°C). Stir well
8.  Let the mixture stand for about 5 mins till the yeasts swell and foam
     * This is a crucial step to ensure the yeast is alive
9.  Pour the yeast mixture into the rice batter
10.  Cover with plastic wrap
11.  First proofing for 1 hour
12.  Add 1 tsp oil and mix well
13.  Cover with plastic wrap
14.  Second proofing for 1 hour
15.  Bubbles formed after rice batter fermented
16.  Prepare the steam pan and boil the water
       * To prepare sufficient water for boiling as steaming time is long
17.  Grease the steam plate and pour the rice batter into it
18.  Use medium -high heat to steam for 20 - 25 mins
19.  It's Done !!
20.  Cut after it cooled down
21.  Very beautiful honeycomb layers!

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