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草莓果凍乳酪蛋糕(士多啤梨啫喱芝士蛋糕) Strawberry Jelly Heart Cheesecake

草莓果凍乳酪蛋糕(士多啤梨啫喱芝士蛋糕)(新加坡很受歡迎的乳酪蛋糕)(免焗) Strawberry Jelly Heart Cheesecake (No Bake)

Jelly Heart 是新加坡個很受歡迎的乳酪蛋糕,三層不同材料合起來,加上草莓,外表非常漂亮,所以也是送禮或在公司請客的好選擇。而且只要放入冰箱,可保存好幾天。做法步驟可能比較多點點,但也不會太難。很徝得試做!

Jelly Heart is a popular cheese cake in Singapore. The three layers of different flavors coupled with strawberries make the appearance of the cake very beautify. So, it is a good choice as a gift or for company treat. 



[美味生活] How Living  - Lazy Mom and Busy Dad美味名人食譜 :  
咖啡拉花杯子蛋糕 Steam Cake Coffee Art


250g 消化餅乾

120g 牛油 
250g 奶油乳酪(奶油芝士)
70g 細砂糖或糖粉
6g 吉士丁粉
100ml 熱水
½ 茶匙香草香精
160g 草莓味果凍粉 (士多啤梨味啫喱粉)
Cake Base Ingredients :
250g Digestive Biscuits
120g Butter 
Cheese Layer Ingredients:
250g Cream Cheese
70g Fine Sugar
6g Gelatin Powder
100ml Hot Water
½ tsp Vanilla Extract 
Jelly Layer Ingredients:
160g Strawberry Favour  Jelly Powder
400ml Hot Water
350ml Cold Water
  • 把餅乾敲成細碎
  • 加入溶好的牛油攪拌均勻
  • 用7  8寸蛋糕模
  • 放入兩層烤盤紙會更容易取出蛋糕
  • 餅碎倒入模型壓實
  • 放入冰箱 
  • 把草莓切一半,然後在頂部切一個V成心型
  • 吉士丁粉加100ml 熱水攪拌至溶解
  • 奶油乳酪加糖攪拌均匀至軟身
  • 分三次加吉士丁粉一起攪拌均勻
  • 加入香草香精
  • 攪拌均勻
  • 乳酪糊倒入餅底均勻鋪平
  • 將草莓均匀地放在乳酪糊上和輕輕按入乳酪糊中
  • *將草莓輕輕按入乳酪糊中這個步驟很重要。不然,草莓可能會在加入果凍液時浮起來
  • 冷藏至少4小時
  • 果凍粉加入 400ml 熱水拌匀至完全溶解
  • 再加350ml 冷水拌匀
  • *果凍液要完全冷卻至室温才可加入乳酪層上以免把乳酪糊融化
  • 把果凍輕輕倒入乳酪層上至完全覆蓋草莓
  • 冷藏至少4小時
Method for cake base:-
  • Hit the biscuits until they turn into fine crumbs
  • Add the melted butter and stir well
  • Use the 7 or 8 inches cake tin
  • Put 2 layers of baking paper which makes easier to take out the cake
  • Pour and press the biscuit mixture down onto the tin
  • Place into the fridge to set

Methods for cheese layer:-
  • Cut the strawberry into half and and cut a V at the top so they resemble hearts
  • Add 100ml boiling water into gelatin powder and stir to dissolve
  • Whisk cream cheese with sugar until softened
  • Add the gelatin in three times and mix well
  • Add the vanilla extract  
  • Whisk till smooth
  • Pour the cheese mixture onto the prepared base and spread evenly
  • Evenly spaced out on top and lightly push down each strawberry into the cheese mixture
  • * It is an important step to lightly push down the strawberries into the mixture. Otherwise, the strawberries may float up when adding the jelly mixture
  • Chill for at least 4 hours to set
Methods for Jelly layer:-
  • Add 400ml hot water and stir until all the jelly crystals have dissolved
  • Then add 350ml cold water and stir well
  • * Jelly mixture must be completely cooled down to room temperature before pouring it onto the cheese base to prevent melting the cheese
  • Gently pour the jelly mixture onto the prepared cheese base until fully covered the strawberries
  • Chill for at least 4 hours to set


Cut off the excess for a neater edge 
It’s Done !

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